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I’ve submitted my first application

I’ve submitted my first application to the iPhone AppStore.

Note to self, and others:  It will take much (*much*) longer than you think – but I did get it submitted on St. Patrick’s Day, but only because I’m in Mountain time and Apple is in Pacific.  *grin*

Between issues with the code signing (had to reboot my Mac to get it to work – a problem with the Keychain Access, I believe), and prepping all the information for the submission, etc., it’s been several days since I was approved as an iPhone Developer.

My brother was giving me a hard time about the comparison with his Palm development experience: free SDK, free to create, install, and sell applications, and he’s earned a couple of thousand dollars from it.

I’m into this about $1000 already, and have just a small “entertainment” app to show for it – of course, Apple provides a great delivery mechanism in the AppStore, but it hurts to start in negative territory…

Anyway, I’ll let you know details of the application when (if?) it gets approved by Apple.  Meanwhile, I’ve got two, err, three other applications I want to get built, so I’ll be busy while I’m waiting to hear back from Apple.

Wish me luck!


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