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I’m doing it again

After the disappointment of my first iPhone application being rejected after nearly eight months of silence, I was very disillusioned about the iPhone/AppStore development model. Why should I put myself through the development process, only to be blocked by an arbitrary, unpublished prohibition?

But I decided to give it another shot before my first year development contract runs out.

So I created another iPhone application – a Boy Scouts Merit Badge requirements application for the iPhone.  It works offline, has all the requirements for all the merit badges, and is pretty a pretty handy app for a scouter, in my unbiased opinion.

So I submitted it to Apple’s iTunes Connect, and once again I am waiting.

And once again, I’m checking iTunes Connect every couple of hours, looking at a little yellow dot that means “Waiting for review”, and thinking, “Why do I put myself through this?”

We’ll see what Apple does – will they review it before my first year is up?  If they don’t, will I renew my developer registration for another $99?

If they approve it, will anyone want it?

Time to check iTunes Connect again.

I should plot the frequency of checking with time since app submission.  My frequency will gradually tail off from every couple of hours, to every couple of days, until eight months later I won’t have checked in months, and Apple will call up and say, “We’re not going to approve any Boy Scout apps.”

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  1. Good luck with the new app!

    If anything happens with the review process, shoot me an email. We (AppStoreHQ) recently launched the ability to support web apps, and we’re even private alpha testing the ability to charge for apps. I’d be happy to include your app (if you’re willing to rewrite as a web app) and include you on the testing if you’d like.

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