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Halfway there

I’ve passed the halfway point in paying off my expenses incurred for iphone development ($660)!

However, that is before taxes and tithing… And I haven’t really been paid anything by Apple yet (45 days after the end of the month you hit $150). And Apple says that the daily sales reports should only be used to evaluate trends, not as financial statements of any kind…

Oh, and I’m already wondering about iPad development.

And of course, my “hourly wage” for this development is still negative…

Maybe I shouldn’t spend $500 for an iPad just yet, hmm?

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  1. Eric said

    I love your merit badge app for the Iphone. Are you considering writing apps for other Operating systems? I am specifically looking for your app on the Palm webOS platform.

  2. Kevin said


    Thanks for the comment – I am looking at building the Merit Badges app for other platforms, and the functionality should port pretty cleanly.

    Android is at the top of the list. I haven’t done Palm development , but I’ll look at it afterwards.

    I’m also wondering if there would be interest in me releasing the application as a web app, that could store itself on a mobile platform for offline use. Any thoughts?


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