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Sales progress update

When I first registered with the iPhone Development program, I mentioned I had invested about $1000 between developer program registration, books, Macbook, business license, etc., and that I’d give updates as I reached various milestones.

Well, I have two apps “live” in the AppStore now, and have sold about $65 over the last 5 days. So, on my original milestones list:

  • First app published (done)
  • First sale (done, with each application, the first day it was available)
  • First compensation from Apple (OK, this won’t happen until 45 days after the end of the month in which I reach at least $150 in accumulated sales. I expect to reach that before the end of March, so I should get my first deposit from Apple by May 15th)
  • Pay for the iPhone development book I bought ($25) (done)
  • Take my very patient wife to dinner ($50) (have reached $50, but haven’t reached the accumulated $75 including that book. Hopefully by tomorrow…)

Still anticipating the following, updated slightly:

  • Pay for the cost of Developer program registration ($99). For two years, now ($198)
  • Pay the cost of business registration and “doing business as” name registration, 2 years, now $79
  • Pay Wells Fargo for my business account $6/month ($72)
  • Pay for my iPhone ($230 – used, with a cracked screen)
  • Pay for my MacBook ($600 used) and larger hard drive ($60)
  • Be self-employed (significant, ??? sustainable incomeā€¦)
  • Still got a ways to go.

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