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Made it!

My iPhone development is officially no longer a money-losing hobby. I’ve earned enough on the App Store to cover my investment! (I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to reach ZERO dollars!)

On April 28th, I also received my first payment from Apple – for sales in February and March. (As I recall, Apple gives itself six weeks after the close of the month, so it came a little faster than I expected!).

First order of business with the payment is to take my very patient wife to dinner…

I’m also working on adding two very frequently requested features to the Troop Badges application: individual requirement tracking, and tracking for multiple scouts.

Then we can start thinking about investing more – the application and up-front fee to get BSA to decide whether I can publish the Guide to Safe Scouting application again, porting Troop Badges to other platforms, fwdMail development for iPad, and other application development.

Thanks so much for your excitement about the apps! I really appreciate it…

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  1. Congratulations! I found your blog searching for information on when I could expect my first payment from Apple. My app, a color mixing game called Frogs and Fireflies, has been on the App Store for over a month now, and I thought I would have it by now.

    I took a look at your Troop Badges app. Looks great! I’m actually a Girl Scout troop leader, and I recently found the Girl Scouts are more protective of their badge requirements than the Boy Scouts. The Boy Scouts publish requirements on the web. The Girl Scouts want you to buy the book. :/ A few weeks ago, the Boy Scouts made headlines by announcing a Video Game badge, and I wanted to point out that the Girl Scouts have had a game badge that includes video games and game design for over 10 years now, but I couldn’t prove it by the world wide web! Funny.

  2. Kevin said

    Thanks, and gratz on your game, too!

    I have had a request to put together a Girl Scouts awards app, too, and I’ve sent an email to the Girl Scouts asking about it. The Girl Scouts do publish a few of their awards requirements online and that includes the “Computers in Everyday Life” award, which includes “5. Play three or four computer games…”, so you’ve got verifiable bragging rights!


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