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TroopBadges updated with 2011 requirements changes

Troop Badges Premier Edition icon

Troop Badges Premier is now updated with the requirements changes for 2011 (as described in Scouting Magazine)

Due to technical difficulties, the Personal Edition (My Badges) is not yet updated with the 2011 requirements changes. The changes are currently waiting on Apple AppStore approval, and will hopefully be available in a day or two. The Troop Badges Premier update was approved by Apple in under 24 hours. Fastest…turnaround…ever!

The current update includes:

  • 2011 requirements updates for Astronomy, Horsemanship, and Nuclear Science Merit Badges, and minor updates to Archery, Sports, and the Life rank
  • National Medal for Outdoor Achievement and National Outdoor Awards
  • Official Geocaching Merit Badge image

I’m also working on some major new functionality to hopefully be available in a few weeks.

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3 Responses

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  1. Nathalie the Daisy Girl Scout Leader said

    Any chance you’d consider creating a similar for Girl Scouts? You’d make millions of girls happy!

  2. Kevin said

    I’d really like to do a Girl Scouts version, but I’m very unfamiliar with the program at this point.

    I found the bronze/silver/gold awards ( But I don’t know what the “Journeys” are.

    Then there are the Daisy/Brownie/Junior/Cadette/Senior/Ambassador levels (which I mentally associate with cub scouts through boy scouts/varsity/venturing)… Then Studio2b, too!

    But I can’t find detailed requirements online, and was a bit overwhelmed by the number of books available…

    So I’m not really sure where I’d start, and what all I should plan to include.

    Can you point me to information or help me identify what all I should learn about?

  3. Awesome app! Came in real handy this past weekend on a camping trip. Any thought on developing an online database/account to sync the iPhone version with? That way parents could login and tract their Scout’s progress.

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