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Quick update

My apologies for the lack of updates recently – in February and March I got swamped with my full-time employment.

The badges apps are moving faster again, moving forward with syncing between devices and web access to advancement datad, and managing more profile information for each scout.

New Robotics Merit Badge. HandyApp is not affiliated with BSA.The next release of Troop Badges will also include tracking for the brand-new Robotics merit badge, Order of the Arrow, and the National Outdoor awards (which I should have released months ago!). It will also do some auto-filling of merit badges into the various requirements for rank advancements and so forth. Pack Badges adds the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity award and separate tracking for belt loops and pins.

I’m still defining enhancements for managing advancement for a group of boys. I agree with the requests for more high-level overviews, such as being able to see status for all scouts on a badge, and to see a scout’s status for all badges. The badges-to-be-awarded & shopping lists are also a great idea. And yes, the navigation for viewing/updating for multiple boys needs work (one reviewer called it “jarring”, which made me laugh and cringe at the same time). The evolution from supporting just one boy to supporting multiple boys is still way too much in evidence. Suggestions on formats and content of these views and the nav structure is welcome.

Thank you so much for your excitement about these applications – they started out as scratching my own itch, and it’s really exciting and motivating to me to see how they are helping you in your Scouting! I really appreciate the good reviews and great suggestions you’ve given (I even appreciate the bad reviews with great suggestions, but those don’t feel quite as good…)

Now to get them all implemented!

Happy Scouting!

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  1. I just found your app and am way excited! I’ve been entering my troop data in, but am wondering if there is a better way? I also am excited to hear you are looking into making it easier to see group achievements (and what the troop lacks). It would be awesome to be able to see how many boys haven’t finished certain requirements and stuff so we know what to work on as a troop

  2. Tracey said

    Hi Kevin,
    I’m very interested in your Pack Badges App. When do you plan on releasing the next release?

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