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Warning: losing data when upgrading to iOS 5.1

I’ve received reports from several Troop Badges and Pack Badges users that after upgrading to iOS 5.1 the data is missing from the apps.

To those impacted by this, I am very sorry. I know how frustrating losing data like this can be. I’ll try to find a way to help you recover the lost data, but I don’t know if it will be possible. I do have a feature in the works that will allow importing completed award data from the official Internet Advancement application.

My top priority is to get an updated version out that will let you export and import your data. I hope to have it to Apple this weekend. This will also let you sync between devices. The update will also include the new merit badges for Troop Badges, but most of the other enhancements in progress are not yet ready for prime time.

In the mean time, please warn other users of the apps about the risk, and encourage them to wait on the iOS 5.1 upgrade and/or email the CSV data for each scout to themselves to be imported again later. (Menu | Spreadsheet Data Export | Send – choose your email address and send the email, then repeat for each scout). See below for a more complete backup option.

If you are technically inclined (or have a friend who is), you can also back up the data using the freeware iExplorer app from (download either the PC or Mac version). Connect your device via USB and run iExplorer. In iExplorer, navigate into your phone name/Apps/TroopBadges (or PackBadges)/Library/WebKit, then drag the ‘Databases’ folder to your desktop or another folder on your computer. If you’re already on iOS 5.1, the Databases directory is in Library/Caches.

I believe iOS 5.1 may be deleting the data when the device’s storage is full. If you have updated to 5.1 and have not lost data, I’d like to hear about it, and please backup your data and be careful not to fill your device completely.

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  1. Steve said

    Well…crap! Three years of scouting advancement data is now gone. Any hope of us recovering the data?

  2. Wamsleyg said

    Lost all my data after update to iOS 5.1 but have 4.3 gigs Storage left out of 6.2. Would like to see computer interface with this app if possible? Like having this app on my phone when we are out bush waching

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