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Ask Obama

Ask Obama is my first application published onREJECTED FROM the iPhone AppStore.

Update 2010-03-29 I’ve re-submitted Ask Obama to the AppStore. In the last couple of months, Apple has approved a couple of other applications that have out-of-context quotes from President Obama, so I figure it’s worth a shot…
Update 2010-04-05 REJECTED AGAINThis time the rep said they’d had trouble last year with Mattel and 8-ball trademarks. But the thing he really said could not allow this app to go forward was using Obama’s picture and quotes out of context – that they were completely avoiding that. I explained the apps that were doing just that (Obama!, couple of others), and he said they could look at those again (great, apologies in advance if you guys get voted off the island!) but that they would not approve Ask Obama. Oh, well. I didn’t have great hopes for it, but it was fun and I’d like to let others see it. And hey! It only took two weeks, instead of 8 months.

It was rejected because it contained “political content other than full text of political speeches for educational or historical purposes.”

Ask Obama is/was a “Magic 8 Ball” (trademark: Mattel) type application, where you ask a yes-or-no question, shake the device, and then you see a picture and hear a sound bite from candidate-now-President Obama. It always made me laugh to ask something like “Should I go to the movies?” and hear the voice of President Obama say, “That is not a recipe for long-term economic growth” or maybe, “Yes…we…can…”

I mostly wrote it to get familiar with SDK development – graphics, sound, the whole process, but it was fun, too…

Think I should try to get Apple to reconsider the rejection? Should I make a web app?


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