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Well, that was easy…

I just got a message from Apple:

Dear HandyApp,

Your application has been approved for sale on the App Store. Pending any application availability issues, your app will be Ready for Sale and live on the App Store within 24 hours.

And it is worth noting that watching the yellow dot (waiting for approval) in iTunes Connect didn’t do me any good at all.

So, 24 hours and you’ll be able to buy the Merit Badges requirements app in the App Store!

Now on to the next project – my son’s Pinewood Derby® tonight! (Yes, Pinewood Derby® is a Registered trademark of the Boy Scouts of America.)


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I’m doing it again

After the disappointment of my first iPhone application being rejected after nearly eight months of silence, I was very disillusioned about the iPhone/AppStore development model. Why should I put myself through the development process, only to be blocked by an arbitrary, unpublished prohibition?

But I decided to give it another shot before my first year development contract runs out.

So I created another iPhone application – a Boy Scouts Merit Badge requirements application for the iPhone.  It works offline, has all the requirements for all the merit badges, and is pretty a pretty handy app for a scouter, in my unbiased opinion.

So I submitted it to Apple’s iTunes Connect, and once again I am waiting.

And once again, I’m checking iTunes Connect every couple of hours, looking at a little yellow dot that means “Waiting for review”, and thinking, “Why do I put myself through this?”

We’ll see what Apple does – will they review it before my first year is up?  If they don’t, will I renew my developer registration for another $99?

If they approve it, will anyone want it?

Time to check iTunes Connect again.

I should plot the frequency of checking with time since app submission.  My frequency will gradually tail off from every couple of hours, to every couple of days, until eight months later I won’t have checked in months, and Apple will call up and say, “We’re not going to approve any Boy Scout apps.”

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And the verdict is…


I got a phone call from Apple on November 13th (4 days shy of 8 months after submission).  The representative explained that Apple is not approving any applications with political content, unless they are full political speeches for historical or educational purposes. The rep also stated that he had no idea why it had taken so long to tell me that, or why Apple hadn’t been able to tell me more when I requested an update back in June.  The response in June was that my app was taking longer to review than expected.

My application uses sound bites and pictures of President Obama.

So, where do I go from here?

If I develop anything more for the iPhone, it obviously will stay far away from anything political.

Is it worth it to bother?

The ceiling for iPhone apps is a few hundred thousand dollars, where a web site and service could be much higher. That App Store approval process is just a crazy roadblock, and nothing like that exists on the web as a whole.

I think if I do any more iPhone development, it won’t be the primary target – that is, the iPhone app would be an extension of another project, not the primary focus.

But at least I didn’t spend $600,000…

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The Waiting Game…

As so many others have found before me, waiting for Apple app approval process is maddening. At least I haven’t spent $600,000 developing my initial “starter application”.

And really, it has only been 3 days.

I’ve probably only checked  the approval status 30 times…  (OK, I haven’t been checking it THAT frequently.  Probably only 25 times).

Apple, why don’t you call?  I thought we really made a connection…



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I’ve submitted my first application

I’ve submitted my first application to the iPhone AppStore.

Note to self, and others:  It will take much (*much*) longer than you think – but I did get it submitted on St. Patrick’s Day, but only because I’m in Mountain time and Apple is in Pacific.  *grin*

Between issues with the code signing (had to reboot my Mac to get it to work – a problem with the Keychain Access, I believe), and prepping all the information for the submission, etc., it’s been several days since I was approved as an iPhone Developer.

My brother was giving me a hard time about the comparison with his Palm development experience: free SDK, free to create, install, and sell applications, and he’s earned a couple of thousand dollars from it.

I’m into this about $1000 already, and have just a small “entertainment” app to show for it – of course, Apple provides a great delivery mechanism in the AppStore, but it hurts to start in negative territory…

Anyway, I’ll let you know details of the application when (if?) it gets approved by Apple.  Meanwhile, I’ve got two, err, three other applications I want to get built, so I’ll be busy while I’m waiting to hear back from Apple.

Wish me luck!


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I’m an iPhone Developer!

I just received the notification from Apple that my application to join the iPhone Developer Program was approved!  Celebrate with me!  Hurray!  I just sent Apple $99!

I’m an official iPhone developer now, and am submitting my first application – I’ll tell you more when it gets approved.

My first app is pretty simple and straightforward, but it let me explore iPhone UI, graphics, sound, touch, and the accelerometer. I’ll share some of the things I learned and the problems I had in doing that development, and also the process of getting it published in the AppStore.

I’m looking forward to various milestones, and I’ll let you know if/when I meet them (and yes, they’ll take more than the simple app I’ve already written…):

  • First app published
  • First sale
  • First compensation from Apple
  • Pay for the iPhone development book I bought ($25)
  • Take my very patient wife to dinner ($50)
  • Pay for the cost of Developer program registration ($99)
  • Pay the cost of business registration and Dev program registration ($44)
  • Pay for my iPhone ($230 – used, with a cracked screen)
  • Pay for my MacBook ($600 used) and larger hard drive ($60)
  • Be self-employed (significant, ??? sustainable income…)

Any guesses when I can reach those milestones?

I know, it’s not fair to make you guess until you see the released application and what else I develop, but it could be fun anyway…


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